Your Chance at Success

Research shows, the odds against you making a change in your life: 9:1 And it depends all on you which side of this ratio you land.


Power Posts: On Life

I was feeling a little down this week and turned to catching up with some WordPress reading for inspiration and distraction. And I was not disappointed. These are excerpts from some great blog posts and I highly recommend that you read the full pieces and explore the blogs. What is happiness? by The Niqabi Coder Mum …

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The Hole Inside

Sometimes this feeling sneaks up on me and just knocks me down. It is also a feeling that has been my gauge for improving my life and finding value in it. This video by Improvement Pill portrays the idea of emptiness very well. I know the feeling and the 3 recommendations to keep it at …

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The Path to Success

Let's try not to be disheartened if the things we want in life are taking a little time to come along. Make sure you do your best to seek and reach out for them. The success that we want in life rarely comes easy. We could spend time just coveting it or envying the skills, …

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How to Stop Being Lazy

Laziness is like a bug that slowly eats away at life, leaving less and less behind. I am really fed up and want to be done with it. The lethargy and bad habits it creates are not easy to beat but also not impossible. I would like to believe that, with some sincere time and …

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Short-Term Perspective, Long-Term Success

I get quite disappointed in myself the moment I realize that I have passed hours, or sometimes days or weeks really, without sticking to my goals and making any progress that I can feel good about. It is a sad, frustrating, restless moment that does not always translate into improvement for me. I do know …

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Power Posts

Today, I bring you another collection of excerpts from some great blogs, wonderful writing, and thought provoking ideas. Do check out the full posts and browse through more of their work. Khairil Sianipar Knowing something means nothing if it is not followed by a disciplined course of action. Just by taking that extra effort, putting …

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