It has been a while since I have focused on my blog. I am reading through it and rediscovering myself a bit it seems. Until yesterday, I even forgot that this month was NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month, or just writing month, whatever your focus might be.

So I thought I would restart with my blog now by revisiting some ideas I wrote and forgot but found compelling today.

How Do You Show Up?

When I took the renowned Dale Carnegie course, a reiterating concept was qualifying our own identity. Continue reading Remembering


What are you waiting for?

My friend sent me this song as a gesture of tough love. The message is nice and impactful, driven home by a nice video.


Akshay Kumar on the Power of Discipline

Worth a watch. Some nice reminders for things we forget to make time for in our life.

Show Up Ready

One day, I talked about the Dale Carnegie concept of show-up words. So, I think I have picked a good one and here’s why. For any given day, moment or experience, I want to show up READY. That doesn’t mean I will have the answer to everything. It just means I am going to bring the best of myself to it and do whatever I can for the best outcome. There are several themes that I fitted into this notion. Continue reading Show Up Ready

Living Your Principles

I had the pleasure of being driven to work this morning by a very insightful and motivating Uber driver. In a short 20-minute ride, we talked about what plagues the world and humanity, how one can be a better person, and the values and principles he considered important (which I respected greatly). There was one comment that really resonated with me. The world isn’t easy by any means and, our beliefs and principles are frequently tested or called to action. He brought up a model for living as righteously as possible that I found compelling. And I leave you with that thought.
Hold firmly to the beliefs and principles you know to be right and understand them. When you see wrong done by them:

  1. Try to do something about it. Put your effort and resources, if you can, into creating positive change.
  2. If you can’t do something about it, talk about it. Speak up and share the ideas. Try to get through to others or inspire more people so that they can do something about it. Perhaps someone with more power needs to tackle the issue or adding more voices will make an impact.
  3. No matter what, at the least, keep the idea in your heart. Protect yourself from the harms, getting complacent, or participating in something that you would not be proud of representing. If you know it is right, don’t give up on it.

Quick Thought

Think happy. Be happy. It’s possible to do that right?


Your Chance at Success


Research shows, the odds against you making a change in your life:


And it depends all on you which side of this ratio you land.