Power Posts: On Life

I was feeling a little down this week and turned to catching up with some WordPress reading for inspiration and distraction. And I was not disappointed. These are excerpts from some great blog posts and I highly recommend that you read the full pieces and explore the blogs. What is happiness? by The Niqabi Coder Mum …

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The Power in Me

Today, I officially graduated from the Dale Carnegie course. It strives to teach the lesson of living life, which is something I believe each of us should constantly be conscious of and getting better at. What is my key takeaway from this course? That we have a lot of power over our lives and we …

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It’s International Happiness Day

My mantra for every day of the year is keep myself happy and make others happy. Sometimes it requires going out of your way to make something happen. We put so much effort into jobs, chores, eating, etc. So why not this important factor? I went to my doctor a couple of months ago and …

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Depression to Affirmation: What Changed?

Growing up, I was hardly a happy child. Now, people tell me I am quite “peppy”. Happy to hear that. When I was asked what changed, I could not pinpoint a miracle moment or revelation that turned me towards positive change. I don’t know what exactly happened or when, but I can clearly feel the …

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