Whatever Your Relationship Status Is

This is an amazing video. He speaks remarkably well and the ideas hit home. Unfortunately, a lot of our communication is superficial in this day and age. We are clouded by idealistic expectations that look nice on the surface but we don't see the depth of the effort and understanding our relationships need.Personally, I lament …

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Power Posts: On Life

I was feeling a little down this week and turned to catching up with some WordPress reading for inspiration and distraction. And I was not disappointed. These are excerpts from some great blog posts and I highly recommend that you read the full pieces and explore the blogs. What is happiness? by The Niqabi Coder Mum …

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Being Family

A long time ago, I asked a wise friend about how religion perceives love. She told me that while the emotion has merit, it can fall short. Looking back, I realize that, at the time, I had not really understood what she meant. Now, I remember this comment and realize its validity. To demonstrate it …

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