Read: Enjoy, Reflect and Learn

Reading is a great hobby and, over the years, it has kept me good company and given me new ideas and insight. Click on the links to read my thoughts from each book. I like to enjoy and let the ideas make me think and teach me more about myself and the world.


There’s nothing like getting lost in a good story that I cannot put down.

Atwood, Margaret | The Handmaid’s Tale
Austen, Jane | Pride and Prejudice
Bates, Judy Fong | Midnight at the Dragon Cafe
Bradbury, Ray | Fahrenheit 451
Bronte, Emily | Wuthering Heights
Grisham, John | The Rainmaker
Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas | The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn
Hosseini, Khaled | The Kite Runner
Lee, Harper | To Kill a Mockingbird
Mistry, Rohinton | A Fine Balance
Orwell, George | 1984
Rowling, J. K. | Harry Potter series
Smith, Betty | A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Stockett, Kathryn | The Help
Wilder, Laura Ingalls | Little House on the Prairie series
Wynne, Diana | Howl’s Moving Castle


My interest in reading non-fiction started with Malcolm Gladwell. I discovered that they are a great way to learn about any topic that piqued my interest. Writers collect knowledge and wisdom from their own experiences and others through research, and present it as a holistic discussion to share their perspectives and analysis in creative and interesting ways.

Canfield, Jack | The Success Principles
Frankl, Viktor | Man’s Search for Meaning
Gladwell, Malcolm | Outliers
Moran, Brian P. and Michael Lennington | The 12 Week Year
Winfrey, Oprah | What I Know for Sure

Did you read these books? Check out the posts and share your perspective.
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