Read and Reflect, Enjoy and Learn

Reading is a great hobby and, over the years, it has kept me good company and given me new ideas and insight. It is one of my  goals to read and features posts on 150 books on this blog! Click on the links to read my thoughts from each book. My book reviews are really not a deep critique or an analysis of the art of writing. I just like to enjoy and let the ideas make me think and teach me more about myself and the world.


I love discovering exciting stories, and re-reading the best. I invite you to enjoy the same experience:

Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas | The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn


My interest in reading non-fiction started with Malcolm Gladwell a few years ago. And I discovered that they were a great way to learn about any topic I was interested in. Writers collect knowledge and wisdom from their own experiences and others through research, and present it as a holistic discussion to share their perspectives and analysis in creative and interesting ways. I have used these books to expand my own knowledge and curiousity.

Canfield, Jack | The Success Principles
Winfrey, Oprah | What I Know for Sure

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