Read: Enjoy, Reflect and Learn

Reading is a great hobby and, over the years, it has kept me good company, given me new ideas and insight, and taught me more about myself. Click on the links to read my thoughts from each book.


There’s nothing like getting lost in a good story that I cannot put down.

Atwood, Margaret | The Handmaid’s Tale
Austen, Jane | Pride and Prejudice
Bates, Judy Fong | Midnight at the Dragon Cafe
Bradbury, Ray | Fahrenheit 451
Bronte, Emily | Wuthering Heights
Grisham, John | The Rainmaker
Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas | The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn *
Hosseini, Khaled | The Kite Runner *
Lee, Harper | To Kill a Mockingbird *
Mistry, Rohinton | A Fine Balance
Orwell, George | 1984
Rowling, J. K. | Harry Potter series *
Smith, Betty | A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Stockett, Kathryn | The Help *
Wilder, Laura Ingalls | Little House on the Prairie series
Wynne, Diana | Howl’s Moving Castle *


My interest in reading non-fiction started with Malcolm Gladwell. I discovered that they are a great way to learn about any topic that piqued my interest. Writers collect knowledge and wisdom from their own experiences and others through research, and present it as a holistic discussion to share their perspectives and analysis in creative and interesting ways.

Canfield, Jack | The Success Principles
Frankl, Viktor | Man’s Search for Meaning
Gladwell, Malcolm | Outliers *
Kaling, Mindy | Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
Moran, Brian P. and Michael Lennington | The 12 Week Year
Waite, Jen | A Beautiful, Terrible Thing *
Winfrey, Oprah | What I Know for Sure

My favourites *