A Little Corner of Africa: Part I

Poor, hungry Africa. I have seen plenty of those aid request commercials reminding me there is a continent out there starving for my monetary assistance. But it needs our awareness and understanding too.

A few months ago, a last minute business trip took me to Bukavu, one of the largest cities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Oddly, more than any fancy resort or wonder of the world, I have always wanted to see how different parts of the world live and perceive life. And ending up in the heart of Africa and its daily life was something I had not imagined I would ever get to experience.

The experience taught me so much and it showed me the Canadian lifestyle in a different way too. To start, for this post, I thought I would share some shots from my photo album and the stories/thoughts behind them. Continue reading A Little Corner of Africa: Part I



It has been a while since I have focused on my blog. I am reading through it and rediscovering myself a bit it seems. Until yesterday, I even forgot that this month was NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month, or just writing month, whatever your focus might be.

So I thought I would restart with my blog now by revisiting some ideas I wrote and forgot but found compelling today.

How Do You Show Up?

When I took the renowned Dale Carnegie course, a reiterating concept was qualifying our own identity. Continue reading Remembering

Green Book @ TIFF

After living in Toronto for 19 years, I finally attended the Toronto International Film Festival for 2018. I am not a sophisticated movie watcher but just love a good story, read or watched. This year, I saw and voted for the movie that won the People’s Choice Award: Green Book. It is a beautiful rendition of an unlikely friendship that gave two people a chance to grow with and help each other. The movie is a series of conversations and incidents that are touching and compelling – sometimes serious and sometimes funny. All well put together.  Continue reading Green Book @ TIFF

What are you waiting for?

My friend sent me this song as a gesture of tough love. The message is nice and impactful, driven home by a nice video.


Book – A Beautiful, Terrible Thing

I was glued to my phone for two days just reading this book. It had been a while since I had read anything and coming back to something so engrossing reminds me why I love to read so much. In A Beautiful, Terrible Thing, Jen Waite shares her personal experience of finding and investing years into a perfect relationship and its demise at the hands of a husband who turns out to be a very unfaithful sociopath. The book follows two timelines alternating between the good and bad phases, distinguished by the day she reads one incriminating email. And that too when she was recovering from labour and learning to care for their three-week old daughter! Continue reading Book – A Beautiful, Terrible Thing

Akshay Kumar on the Power of Discipline

Worth a watch. Some nice reminders for things we forget to make time for in our life.

Show Up Ready

One day, I talked about the Dale Carnegie concept of show-up words. So, I think I have picked a good one and here’s why. For any given day, moment or experience, I want to show up READY. That doesn’t mean I will have the answer to everything. It just means I am going to bring the best of myself to it and do whatever I can for the best outcome. There are several themes that I fitted into this notion. Continue reading Show Up Ready