30 before 30

In no particular order, here are the ideas that form a vision for the future I want to pursue as I approach the age of 30. Click here to see my latest post on the progress for achieving these goals.

  1. Go on an overnight trip with my best friend.
  2. Have a sunrise picnic.
  3. Climb/hike a mountain.
  4. Ride a zipline over a scenic nature route.
  5. Volunteer to make a positive difference to a cause I believe in.
  6. Register as a bone marrow donor.
  7. Reach 1,000 posts on this blog.
  8. Create a portfolio of my arts and crafts ventures. 
  9. Start an entrepreneurship project.
  10. Create a mastermind group. *New*
  11. Read 150 books and post book reviews.
  12. Build and share knowledge with 150 new posts.
  13. Take 2 courses on new subjects of interest.
  14. Build a recipe book of 50 dishes I made successfully.
  15. Get a driver’s licence.
  16. Ice skate confidently, fast, and backwards. 
  17. Learn martial arts or self defense.
  18. Be able to converse effectively in French.
  19. Build reading and comprehension for Arabic and Hindi. 
  20. Understand where I stand for religion and spirituality.
  21. Create a cleaner and clutter-free mental and physical space I can feel good about.
  22. Maintain a knowledgeable financial plan to be ready for success or a rainy day.
  23. Improve fitness and harness more active, healthy energy.
  24. Know and practice 5 yoga routines with good form.
  25. Become a morning person who wakes up hopeful, prepared, and energetic. 
  26. Find a to-do list and anti-procrastination scheme that works for me. 
  27. Recognize and build on value-added family/friendships.
  28. Nurture my relationships with love and patience.
  29. Master speech and body language for effective communication and motivation for individuals as well as larger groups.
  30. Work on emotional responses to problems that avoid anger and helpless frustration.