Show Up Ready

One day, I talked about the Dale Carnegie concept of show-up words. So, I think I have picked a good one and here’s why. For any given day, moment or experience, I want to show up READY. That doesn’t mean I will have the answer to everything. It just means I am going to bring the best of myself to it and do whatever I can for the best outcome. There are several themes that I fitted into this notion.

Taking care of myself

How often have I found myself ill-prepared or lacking the energy to take up an opportunity that comes my way? More often than I care to admit. It is critical to care for oneself both mentally and physically by building their strength and endurance. Invest some time into building these up. And I need to avoid spreading myself too thin.

Being intentional

We have more power over our lives than we generally exercise. Set goals, build a vision, and then follow through with action. It is hard to be ready for every new experience that comes my way and to know what to do. I can take it one step at a time and make sure I think through why I do what I do.

It’s all about attitude

I have been held back by fear, lack of confidence, laziness, failure, depression, and much more. The fight against them is never easy. Don’t give up and be open to learning and hard work. At the least, I want the satisfaction that I tried my best.


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