Today, I officially graduated from the Dale Carnegie course. It strives to teach the lesson of living life, which is something I believe each of us should constantly be conscious of and getting better at.

What is my key takeaway from this course? That we have a lot of power over our lives and we can effectively realize and use it by just being intentional. An old post of mine called Draw Your Future quotes: “research shows, the odds against you making a change in your life is 9:1.” That statistic could tell you that you are just about set for failure. I agree this is not a pretty result but then I gave it some more thought. The odds for YOU making a change: this statistic is basically telling me how likely it is that I will get my ass off the couch to go do what I really need to do. It is not telling me that the world is 90% set against me getting what I want.

It is really up to me what side of this ratio I land on. The difference is my intention and how I set my mind to delivering on that. It’s in my power. The effort to realize this reality in my life started well before the Dale Carnegie course, was encouraged by it, and will continue for long after. With work and personal issues clouding my mind, I did not get a chance to appreciate the course as much as I would have liked (I failed at being intentional there but we all have our down days). However, I hope that, in coming time, I can realize some benefits from the foundation that the course set for me. I also want to learn more about the man and the movement that grew into this program.

For now, I leave you with a good thought from Dale Carnegie:

Are you bored with life?
Then throw yourself into
some work you believe
in with all your heart,
live for it, die for it,
 and you will find
happiness that you
had thought could
never be yours.


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