Hotel Like Home

Travelling and seeing new places is wondrous, enjoyable, and insightful – with a lot of physical activity for me. But it can be hard on the routine and rest for some of us. As much as I wish I could have an awesome day as a tourist and still be zapped back to my own bed and bathroom at the end of the day, that is not about to become a reality. I was never a traveller in my younger years but, recently, I have enjoyed exploring. Personally, I do not know anyone who gets home sick as fast as I do. So, I gathered a few ideas on how I can make the overnight rest part of any trip as comfortable as possible, leaving me excited and well rested for every busy tourist day:

  1. Assess the living space as soon as you come in. Even seeing pictures and getting reviews beforehand will not prepare you for being in the space physically yourself. Explore what is there, what space you have to work with, and everything that you have brought with you. Plan out and arrange the space as soon as possible to make it your own. Things should be easily accessible and the navigation of the room should come to you as naturally as possible.
  2. Bring your favourite home scent, but a mild one that will not take them hours to eliminate after you leave.
  3. Take a shower to unwind and play with the shower head. In a lot of places, you will be able to adjust it enough to make it seem enough like home. (My travel adventures have not stretched far enough yet to leave me without access to the hot water showers I am so used to.)
  4. Bring the screen that you spend the most time with, like a laptop or tablet. If you spend a little time on it, the sense of familiar comfort will come.
  5. Bring your favourite sweater, shawl or blanket. I let the temperature in the room be a little higher and snuggle with this comforting item. If it is hot, a favourite t-shirt or bedsheet works too. The familiar texture is relaxing.
  6. Play some music softly.
  7. After you are settled in, get back out for a walk in the area or one last fun activity for the day.
  8. Know where your morning breakfast is coming from, whether the hotel provides it or there is an awesome café nearby. With lots of physical activity, I felt that it was extra important to get myself breakfast on time.
  9. Bring a pillow you like. Chances are that on your vacation you are not going to get every pillow where you stay as you like it. Hotel pillows are too soft for me. With your own pillow, you can optimize rest for more energy during the day.
  10. Pack smart so that you do not have to make a mess and spread your stuff out everywhere to find what you need.
  11. Call home! Hear a familiar voice; see a familiar face. They will love that attention too.

If you can relate to my perspective, I hope these tips are helpful for you. Are there any other tips that you think should be on this list and are a travel-must for you? Please share in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Hotel Like Home

  1. Chairomai

    Great tips! Reading a favourite book can be really helpful too in creating a sense of familiarity and safety pretty much anywhere 🙂 Even the sight, touch, and smell of the pages can help evoke home!

    Liked by 1 person

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