Unremarkably Average

I see my unrealized dreams and ambitions reflected in this story. I know that I do not want to be this person but I cannot confidently tell myself that where I stand in life is very different from the position depicted here.


The portrayal starts with a comment that it is not good to “accept what people tell you at face value”. Looking back, I can say I did not realize how easily we think that going with the norm and following the rat race is misinterpreted as what we really want. We are brainwashed into the illusion of independent thought whereas we are just following a typical pattern of life choices. A heightened level of self awareness and consciousness is required for us to assess our choices beyond all these external influences.

From there on, the progression just follows the individual going through the motions of doing a job and pursuing the comforts of life, with thoughts of lost dreams about learning and achievement surfacing occasionally but to no avail. I had told myself I needed to do certain things first to pursue security in my life – let’s say financial stability in this case. Once, I had money in the bank account and could afford a nice home, a car and a few vacations, then I could do what I really wanted. But no matter what I do, security is never guaranteed and I could always justify that I need a little more time. And I have done that. I always told myself there was plenty of time later or it was just too risky to do something I really wanted at the current time.

These thoughts just did not take me anywhere. In a way, they were really just excuses that sounded a bit better than my laziness and procrastination. The truth is that, once I started going down this “safer” road, it just became easier to keep going and tell myself that is what I wanted or that was the right thing to do. I had to focus and did not have time for anything else and now I had not learned how to do anything else either.

Over time, the passion and talent that could have been, diminishes and all that is left are perhaps the regrets and lack of fulfillment. But it is never too late to turn over a new leaf or revisit an older chapter of your story. I really wanted to write, so now I write.

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Image: http://zenpencils.com/comic/92-chris-guillebeau-11-ways-to-be-average/


Author: Matters of Living

I am exploring the world of blogging to find and share inspiration and insight on living life as best as possible.

6 thoughts on “Unremarkably Average”

  1. This is so depressingly me. Your post got to the crux of the matter. I admire people who give everything up to follow their dream. I could not be one of them, but must try harder to fulfill those dreams.


  2. It’s easy to just be doing what’s expected.. but sometimes we push the boundary and great things happen. I like that you’re wanting MORE – and by more I mean the intangible rewards of life 🙂

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