My Success and Wellness Journal

I have made a promise to myself. To take responsibility for me. Shortly before I started this blog, I started keeping what I dubbed my “Success and Wellness Journal”. Whatever goes in there is a reflection of my commitment to be good to myself and create the life that I want.

I have tried journaling or keeping a diary before. It comes and goes in phases. This time, it has yet to pass so that I can label it a phase again. But I really hope it won’t. Firstly, just reading the title is more inviting and comforting to me. It represents what I want so badly and it is a place where I get what I need to continue my struggles.

So, how does that work for me? Every time I write in my journal, it is a reflection of my commitment towards my goals and everything I am doing to attain them. The space is used in several ways:

  • A visualization of the status quo that I do not like or my want to create an aspired condition in my life (Draw Your Future). Of course, this is dynamic and the notions have evolved since I started.
  • Research and expertise on the ideas and strategies I can implement to reach my goals.
  • Things that went well or those that did not in my efforts. By writing it down, I create scope for self forgiveness and reflection of lessons learned; it is a mark of progress after all.
  • My efforts and little wins. Always good to appreciate, motivate and reference in future for optimism when needed.
  • My physical and mental health on any given day. I can come to get support or a boost. Writing it out has given me some helpful clarity that I may not find otherwise.
  • Sometimes, I just need to vent. Instead of spending a day grumbling about it to myself, I can let it all out no matter how much a situation worried, frustrated or annoyed me.

It’s a drawing board for my life, which is always going to be a work in progress, as it should be. Keeping this journal has helped me to be more explicit with my feelings and feel comfortable acknowledging them. And my commitment level has improved. It has the effect of a supporter or cheerleader. Not that there aren’t friends and family supporting me. But sometimes lack of support and understanding as well as too much pressure are complaints from one’s own self the most. I question and nag myself more than anyone else does. And this journal has helped me to fix that relationship with myself. In these few months, I have aligned myself to this mindset and it has given back to me well:

  • After a really rough time with a co-worker that threw my perspective for my job and career in general into a very dismal perspective, I talked it out. I sorted out the good and the bad. I had been so angry before I did that, to the extent that it disabled me from being able to work on my planned post for the day. But once I got started on writing it out, I just kept going. Let it out, felt better, and went about what I planned to do. I also realigned my thoughts more realistically whereby I knew that I loved my job and it was just one particular issue that was a challenge to deal with and adding unnecessary pressure. I could strategize how to manage resolving that or minimizing its disturbance within a work environment I otherwise enjoyed.
  • Health and wellness has been a real issue for me lately. With hives from unidentified causes, I have been in a lot of pain and the resulting medicine and fatigue side effects have dampened my productivity and motivation. There has not been any other time when my body had tried to tell me that it really was not feeling good. I tuned in and focused on all the symptoms I was feeling and the answer I got was that I was really not taking good care of myself. I listed out my symptoms and other health factors I noticed. And little by little, I am retiring old habits or building new ones to strengthen myself. I just have to talk it out with myself about what is needed to have me at my best to meet my own goals and expectations.
  • I am doing a lot more strategizing now. Planning before doing is invaluable. Mapping it out and taking advantage of flow charts and cause/effect links is a great way to visually impress yourself with ideas and inspire commitment.
  • I just flipped back through my journal entries and there are a lot of ideas running lose in there. Revisiting them really helps. I actually just read a few entries from bad days I had but I came out of the exercise feeling happy. I felt the power of overcoming them and now appreciating that even in my venting, my aim was to reach a productive conclusion. Good to know that these problems do not derail me as much as I thought they could. Keeping up better spirits!

Do you keep a journal or write reflections? How important is it for you and what benefits has it offered? How would you recommend it to someone who has never tried to keep this habit before?



35 thoughts on “My Success and Wellness Journal

  1. I love this idea. Keeping a journal has been a huge help for me in the past few years and I try to do it every day. But I really like how yours is completely dedicated to your progress and happiness in life. Sometimes It’s easy for me to get caught up writing all my sorrows down, so I might start using this as a way to focus my thoughts in more productive ways. Thanks for posting!

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  2. Hi, I most definately journal and i even wrote about the power of journaling on my blog. Well, my journalling method is a bit random.. a brain dump, a vent, a place to figure it all out, come up with an action plan, see where i lost the plot. Additionally, i keep a gratitude journal which really helps me appreciate the little things in life and i think the little things matter .. then one can love life, the people around you. Then i also do affirmation ..and i kinda keep a journal on this to boost myself. But my main journal is a vent , and if there is a lesson learnt it goes into a little book i have had for years that i keep with me , to help in those moments where i need reminding.

    I love your journal method so organised.

    I journal my whole world always trying to keep the balance and create head space for important thinking in any aspect of life. There was a time it was work focused , then family, but now i focus on the whole lot.

    I find reading positive literature practising meditation etc really helps in life so i journal on that as well.. and i journal on the books i read ..another seperate journal.. what inspired me that i want implement in my life and reference again.. i dont read much fiction ..but what i read inspired me.

    Anyway lovely post and so organised and well writen in contrast to my post… but we are all unique and that is the beauty of life.

    Also journaling helps with health issues…there is a subtle or even deep connection with disharmony and our health. What we think makes us happy or sad … our body or call it life sometimes givrs us an illness to stop us getting stuck on a negative thought. But our thoughts impact our life and our health.

    Great post

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    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. Venting is a great benefit for journaling. I wish I had picked up the habit earlier in my life when venting would have helped me sort out a lot of little life issues.

      I love how you have different types of journals for varying purposes. One thing I need to do is capture more happy moments in my journal. It is usually the bad moments or brewing ideas that end up in there.

      I will definitely be browsing your blog to find some recommendations from the positive literature you read. 🙂

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  3. mehwish

    I keep multiple diaries for multiple moods. But, it has never been a reflection process for me. I can never bring myself to go back and read it.
    Your method is so reflective that I feel like I should visit my own writings and have more structure in how I perceive the whole writing experience.


    1. I feel like it’s actually easier to write if I don’t really expect to read it again. then my expression is more honest. even if you don’t reread it, you can learn something new about what is going on inside your head as it is coming out on paper.

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  4. I have been keeping a journal for many years. I try to keep them all together but don’t think I’ve entirely done that. They are filled with all of my life and will be an interesting read when I am gone from this old world, that’s for sure! I would recommend it for everyone. It helps to clarify thoughts, motives, actions, hopes, dreams, and plans.


  5. I don’t necessarily keep a journal anymore but I have always found the value in writing thoughts, reflections, frustrations, etc. down. I completely agree with your post about having a journal and actually find this technique a stress reliever. I am a strong believer in positive thinking (I have just wrote a piece on changing our negative thinking into positive thinking) and I constantly say positive declarations through out the day and I write about 20 declarations a day over my families lives (my husband, my family and friends and my children). Keep up the good work! Positive outlooks promote positive, healthy living.


  6. Sheryle Sage

    I recently started, yet again, to journal. I have been rather off and on about it for years. This year I had a few issues I wanted to work out and it seemed a good way to get inside my head. So I set it as a SMART goal. One day, I was searching around for a topic, nothing came to mind, so I started writing from my earliest memory, and have continued forth. I am currently at my early 20’s in my life story. So many insights, parallels, themes. It is quite amazing.

    I commend you on your quest for wellness, I am a semi-retired personal trainer/health coach who is now exploring the world of wellness blogging. Another 2017 goal for me. Keep on moving forward.

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      1. Sheryle Sage

        Indeed, I am glad I started it, like everyone, my life is not all unicorns and rainbows, and revisiting the past can be trying, so I am taking it slow and steady


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  8. newmoonplan

    Wonderful post, I learned about using writing as a form of self-therapy and can confirm that it does work! But since the post is already a bit older: how did it go? Are you still keeping this journal?

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  10. I’m a crazy lover of journals and writing down your thoughts. It’s my need. I simply can’t exist without noting important things down. Besides, it’s a great way for reflecting on your own thoughts, for strategizing as you mentioned and also for positivity.

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  11. This is very important for you and for all of us to read. I’m glad this is having a positive effect on you. I’m thinking about keeping a success journal as well. It’s nice to read about how yours has effected you. I’ve been writing about the uplifting and spiritual effects of honoring success. No pressure. Here is a post. It could be a motivator…


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