A dose of inspiration and empowerment from my fellow bloggers. This is where I share your work. If you can relate or share an idea just as inspirational, make sure we do not miss it: leave a comment below. Check out the excerpts below and I highly recommend checking out the full posts and blogs:

People Will Try to Crap on Your Dreams; Don’t Let Them by Dream Big, Dream OftenDon’t allow what others say to deter you from your vision.  Don’t let other people’s negativity  limit you. Don’t allow yourself to live in the box others build for you.

Start Using Your Brain by Learning Till I Die: First came the TV – disrupting people’s home lives. But the TV set was tied to the home, leaving people free of its influence when away. Next came games consoles, computers, and the internet. These expanded the ways that people could surrender their own time to devices. But still these remained tethered to the home. Then came the smartphones. These finally allowed TV, gaming, and the internet to break out of their confinement. To go with us wherever we went. This was a game changing moment. Just as technology was granted its freedom, so many people gave up their own.

Make a Change Part I: Write Down Everything That Sucks About Your Life by Make Your Damn BedKeep writing until you have it all out of your system. I have written many lists in my life, but I had never written a list like this before. There is something magical that happens when you take something from your brain and write it down. Ignoring your problems no longer feels like an option and you begin to imagine what it would be like to address these issues and start living a more intentional life.

Motivation Monday by Annie Cardi:


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