The Path to Success

Let’s try not to be disheartened if the things we want in life are taking a little time to come along. Make sure you do your best to seek and reach out for them. The success that we want in life rarely comes easy. We could spend time just coveting it or envying the skills, lifestyles, and achievements of others. But there is a lot more to that.

And I cannot describe that any better than the Iceberg Illusion:


Don’t just daydream life away. Set a vision for the tip of the iceberg and then focus your time on creating the foundation below the water. Learn to recognize in others not the success to imitate or envy, but see role models that work as hard and effectively as you know you need to. And do not give up: learn from the failure and disappointment; turn away from regret. It is not easy but worthwhile in the end for the things you really want in life.

That kind of commitment and hard work requires a strong and resilient mindset too. Here are a few ideas to help you navigate through the path to success that can sometimes feel more like a maze. Small ideas, big influence:


Lastly, I cannot stress this enough. From personal experience, there is a distinct difference between the success I managed to achieve versus the things that I continue to struggle with. It is vitally important to…


This applies to everything: career, hobbies, relationships, vacations, habits, health, etc. When I miserably suffered through a course or a job, I did not get much out of it. Until I found healthy foods and exercise methods that I could look forward to, I did not stick to them. I could not maintain a blog until I let my inhibitions be overridden by my love of writing. This does not mean that we have drop anything that we do not love. I think we have great capacity to expand our minds to new prospects and kill boredom.

If you want to achieve something, find a way to get there that you can love. When you love the process, working hard, learning and having some patience is all easier. And the results are so much sweeter.

Can you relate to this? Have these concepts/mindsets played a role in your life and achievements? Share the story and inspire others.


Author: Matters of Living

I am exploring the world of blogging to find and share inspiration and insight on living life as best as possible.

11 thoughts on “The Path to Success”

  1. This is a really inspiring post. I love the suggestions for positively reframing how we feel and respond to things that are hard. Persistence and resilience are so important I think in working toward achieving our goals. The right mindset when we get knocked off course, or just a little acceptance that some things just aren’t for us, keep us grounded and moving forward with what we have learned, rather than being defeated or paralysed by set backs. Thanks for a really interesting post.


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