Power Posts: Excerpts of the Week

Check out my new blog reads for this week and find a little advice and inspiration from my fellow bloggers.

Choose, Commit & Create by The Chakra Faery: “Making things happen in your life takes three C’s…Choose the life you want, commit to the life you want and create the life you want! These three C’s can help you.  It’s simple but it’s hard to begin your practice. Once you do, I promise it gets easier.”

Intentional Learning: Setting Goals for our Homeschool Year by With Every Intention: “Not only are we expected to educate our child in the traditional sense of the word, but we’re expected to plant a seed in him that sprouts a love for learning, a thirst for knowledge. We’re expected to lead him toward a full life. A life that is good and worthy and whole.”

Running by Mr. Mel: “So many people spend their lives on the run, either running from something or running to something. It is no wonder they are exhausted at the end of the day.”

40 Quick Tips That Will Help You to Position Yourself for Greatness by Express Impacts: Altogether a fabulous list but my favourites were:
– Be a continuous learner.
– Manage your thoughts carefully.
– Manage your expectations.
– Think beyond yourself.
– Start what you plan and finish what you start.
– Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
– Be a consistent giver.

Start Small by BellaBooza: “imagine you are climbing a mountain—where the obvious goal is getting to the top. You don’t head into the hike blind. You set checkpoints, and with every checkpoint comes the reward of knowing you’re that much closer (probably some food and water too). As you’re heading up the mountain there is also the gift of being able to stop for a second, turn around, and see just how beautiful things become the higher you climb. It’s the perfect motivation to get you to the top because you’re now hooked. If it’s this beautiful here, how beautiful will it be up there?”


Quote by Sunshine:


Help me to find your greatest work. If you wrote or read an especially spectacular post, I don’t want to miss it! The only criteria: show us how you learn from, love, and live life.

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