Seek A Little Comfort

Sometimes, the pressures and challenges of life just get too much. And sometimes, it is just the pet peeves that add up to a rough day. Either way, what you need to get through the struggle or bad mood may just be a little comfort. So, here is a list of ideas that can give you just that. Figure out what suits you most and effectively resets any negative mood:

  1. Take some time off your own troubles and help out someone else. This can do wonders and made it to top spot on my list.
  2. A hobby/activity that you do for sheer enjoyment which will occupy your brain and hands.
  3. Savour a hot cup of tea or coffee. Or perhaps a cold drink. Go for your favourite flavour.
  4. Invite friends to play some fun games or participate in a recreational activity.
  5. Listen to your favourite song (I do this on replay for a while).
  6. Get out for some fresh air. Take a walk in the neighborhood or park. Hike on a nature trail. Or even go for a drive.
  7. Practice a new language.
  8. Watch a TV show that will make you laugh out loud (rewatching old favourites works well).
  9. Take a warm, relaxing bath/shower.
  10. Spend a night relaxing in your favourite pajamas.
  11. Buy yourself a little endurance gift.
  12. Do some breathing or meditation exercises.
  13. Get moving! Do some exercise. Fast-paced workout or relaxing yoga, see what works best for you.
  14. Cook something. I make salads because the repeated rhythm of chopping fruits and vegetables is so soothing. Both making it and then satisfying your taste palette will help.h
  15. De-clutter and clean your space.
  16. Call or meet up with a friend for some chit chat. Try not to spend too much time on venting but do cover topics that will distract you, lighten your mood, and provide some inspiration.
  17. Let out your steam in a journal (or some prefer a paper and then throwing it out without reading).
  18. Try something new: an activity, food or environment. Your brain will have to put aside its worries to take in all the new information.
  19. Read a good book. Get lost in someone else’s story. There are also audiobooks.
  20. Find motivational messages with some good quotes, blog, podcasts, TED talks etc. One of my favourites. Good way to take a pause and then rejuvenate.
  21. “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Paraphrased from the Bible.

I tried to note down a variety of possibilities because you never know what will work when and everyone is unique. Do something you are good at so that you can get a confidence boost. Try to spend some time on activities that are independent of whatever the source of your frustration is. If it is not helping you to cool down and forget about what is nagging your mind, then switch to something else.

What do you do to seek comfort at a tough time? How long do you usually take to come around when taking a break from life’s stress or certain problems?

Lastly, a disclaimer that the idea here is to, only temporarily, just Let It Go!! And then, come back and face the problem head on with a re-energized attitude.


7 thoughts on “Seek A Little Comfort

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