It is so important to take the time to read other bloggers’ work to explore and share ideas. Tell them that you can relate or are inspired by them. So, I present my newest set of Power Posts. I pulled together advice from different bloggers that really stood out for me. Check them out and leave some feedback as well as links to your own advice posts.

Motivation Monday: 5 Tips for Winning this Week by Make It Ultra: “Don’t just float through your week in survival mode. If Monday was rough, put some thought into what would make Tuesday better. Make choices that will improve your week and follow through on them. Choose to be grateful for the things that have gone well, instead of being miserable about all the things that went wrong.”

Five Tips to Combat Sadness/Depression/Negative Thoughts by Brush and Needle: “I feel empty, worthless and alone. But I also feel that this is not how it should be – I am grateful for everything I have, but still there is always something that bothers me and does not allow me to fully embrace my happiness.”

21 Books Everyone Should Read by Anoop Menon: “The first thing I do coming out of bed every morning at 5 AM is reading one chapter of a book I am working on, then only I move to emails or checking messages on my cell phone…Reading and traveling make you learn more than anything else. Reading is, of course, the cheaper option…the more I learn, the better it helps me with motivation, do things right the first time and staying positive…It doesn’t matter where in life you are, but these books are super helpful.”

How to Increase Vibrational energy of your body in 5 steps by IYouWe:


Success Quote by


Lastly, my own take on how to stay motivated day to day: “I am trying to teach myself to keep up my spirit without waiting for something amazing to happen that will change my perspective. No one moment is going to solve the problem and also the same formula is not going to work its magic for me every day. I have to keep finding, or rather creating, reasons on a daily basis that take me forward.”

Help me to find your greatest work. If you wrote or read an especially spectacular post, I don’t want to miss it! Click here to see other Power Posts featured on Matters of Living.


8 thoughts on “Power Posts: Good Advice

  1. Hello there! I very much appreciate the fact that you’ve featured me in this thoughtful post of yours. I’ll make sure to check the other links as well and sincerely hope your work actually reaches someone in need.


  2. Hi,
    That is supportive of you to try to support and inspire bloggers with these post suggestions.
    I met you at Danny’s party. Maybe you can check out my blog. You and I are like-minded. I help bloggers too!
    I blog at where I offer blogging tips to bloggers. I also host 10 blogging events each month including Meet and Greets like Danny.

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    1. it is wonderful that you are trying to help people to navigate the online world to find a good place for their blogs. just read your post on 10 proven ways and it has amazing suggestions, some of which I think would be valuable lessons for me to try. thanks for the comment

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for the kind words about my article and your reply. I have articles like that all the time. I would love to have your readership. I am having a blog party on my site today. Why don’t you come by?


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