Power Posts: Can You Relate?

A sample of the impactful blog reading I enjoyed this week. I hope you like the excerpts below and please visit the wonderful blogs to learn more. 

Quote by I Buy Books

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do. – Dale Carnegie

Crap flows downhill by Food for your Thought Blog

If the water can’t go down, it will come back up onto the surface, and you’ll have big problems…constant saturation and a constant stench! …Many times in life the “crap” we receive from others is due to “crap” they receive from someone else.  It may travel down the chain of command… but all too often it isn’t handled in a healthy way by one person and in turn dumped onto the next.

Endless Possibilities by dream 4 words

All of my choices lead me to this very moment. It’s not about wondering if I made the best or worst decisions. It is about letting go of all thoughts and being in this moment. Being free from your own cage and allowing your mind to open. The possibilities are endless!

Expectation vs Reality by twinklingwords

Getting work done
Expectation – After I wake up from this power nap in one hour, I’m going to finish that write up, do chores, finalise project topic and finish that book.
Reality – What day/year/century is this? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?
Mom – “Finally! You’ve been sleeping for 4 hours, get up now.”

[Read more of the dialogue in the post. It just gets funnier.]

New year…new skills by Stephy Marie Makes

Allow yourself to be a beginner because no one starts off being excellent. The expert in anything was once a beginner.

Utopia closes many doors by Nyteshade

So the boy let go of his dreams of a perfect world, and a thousand doors opened. Now he could strive to make the world a better one, rather than perfect, and that he did.

I’m Still Here, I’m Still Fighting by Living Resiliently Blog


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