Depression to Affirmation: What Changed?

Growing up, I was hardly a happy child. Now, people tell me I am quite “peppy”. Happy to hear that. When I was asked what changed, I could not pinpoint a miracle moment or revelation that turned me towards positive change.

I don’t know what exactly happened or when, but I can clearly feel the difference between what I was then and what I am now. Now, even when I am down, it is a temporary feeling. Usually, guilt at turning my circumstances the wrong way. But then I dust off with a little scolding that I must fix what I have messed up. In other words, I hold myself accountable for the situations I find myself in and then I tell myself I have to fix them.

But what is so amazing about that? Apparently, it is critical. I just started reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield today. Eureka!

Principle #1: Take 100% responsibility for your life.

This first principle in the book was the change that occurred in me. So, without the bias of just believing the book, since I reached this positive change on my own, I can definitely confirm: IT WORKS!

Take the time to consider this formula. Life is like a test. The questions are set: you may be able to choose between some but you cannot change the questions. These are like our circumstances. If we know the right answer, the right thing to do, we go for it and get that A+! If we don’t know how to do it, then we get analytical or creative to figure out something. And we learn in the process. Leaving the answer blank or quitting is not the best option. Don’t just let it be so that the circumstance can take over. Fight it and make the best of it. Believe that you can make something of anything life throws at you.

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