Lost and Found

Little by little, life settles into a pattern and sometimes I don’t even realize the road I am travelling on. Then, one day, something just shakes me awake. I open my eyes and see what’s become the norm and wonder how I kept walking down this path so far, so blindly. I see the power that this new unwanted place has over me. Where did I go so wrong? How did I get here? The last I remember, I felt good and hopeful about where I was going and this was not that path. 

So, I stop and sit down by the side of path. I look around; I ponder. I had stopped looking at my compass. I have wandered farther away from the new territory I had wanted to explore.

I take the compass from my pocket and its needles are spinning round and round. The way from here is lost.

Regardless, I get up and dust myself off. I determinedly trudge back the way I had been coming till I sense familiarity and comfort in the air. It is here that I can find a suitable place to rest. Before I sleep, I reset my compass till it points in the right direction. I take out my map and draw out the path for the refreshed journey I will begin tomorrow. I pack supplies for the journey and set my heart on starting early tomorrow.

I sleep with the blissful relief that tomorrow I have granted myself a new day to begin my journey right. I sleep without fear of getting lost. It is a risk of the travels that I could veer off course. I know that, just like this time, if I am lost, I will find myself again.

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Author: Matters of Living

I am exploring the world of blogging to find and share inspiration and insight on living life as best as possible.

7 thoughts on “Lost and Found”

      1. and thank-you! I can relate to being lost and having to remind myself that I can and will, find myself again. I am going through something like that now and it always helps to know we are not alone. I created my blog as a homage to the passion and self-discovery that come from waking up and realizing that our lives have become something foreign to us.

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