Power Posts: Happy New Year

It has been a while since I have shared some of the remarkable reads I found on WordPress. The new year is already a month in and time has just flown by. So, this post is a reminder for me and you to not forget about those new year’s resolutions. I hope these posts will give you the inspiration and strategies that they have given me to keep moving ahead.

Two Keys to Finding Motivation by An Appetite for Beauty: A unique way to look at motivation. I especially love the second idea and can vouch for its effectiveness from personal experience.

16 Things I Learned in 2016 by Unfurling Wonder: Don’t ignore past experiences. This list reminds me of some great lessons I can relate to learning in my own past.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Never Work by 2 B or not 2 B: “Don’t let your 2017 Resolution go to waste with a broad, unattainable goal.”

Monday Inspiration by Vhairi Slaven: It is not about every new year; it should be about every new day.  Just click on the link and see.

Do Your New Year Resolutions Have Roots? by Natural Edge Coaching: Great tips from an experienced life coach.

Time is a Choice by Andrew Hong: Try this simple, mental strategy this new year to understand what you really need to do.

I am the New Year by Reflections from the Heart: A wonderful poem.

Lastly, here is my own take from an earlier post on how to make 2017 an awesome year:

Resolve for a Successful New Year

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