Power Posts: Happy New Year

It has been a while since I have shared some of the remarkable reads I found on WordPress. The new year is already a month in and time has just flown by. So, this post is a reminder for me and you to not forget about those new year’s resolutions. I hope these posts will give you the inspiration and strategies that they have given me to keep moving ahead.

Two Keys to Finding Motivation by An Appetite for Beauty: A unique way to look at motivation. I especially love the second idea and can vouch for its effectiveness from personal experience.

Strategies that help you do what you can… by Sunshine Diary: So, you have figured out your goals but are you geared up to do your best with them? These tips are important to make sure you are prepared and have the right mindset to tackle any resolutions.

16 Things I Learned in 2016 by Unfurling Wonder: Don’t ignore past experiences. This list reminds me of some great lessons I can relate to learning in my own past.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Never Work by 2 B or not 2 B: “Don’t let your 2017 Resolution go to waste with a broad, unattainable goal.”

Monday Inspiration by Vhairi Slaven: It is not about every new year; it should be about every new day.  Just click on the link and see.

Do Your New Year Resolutions Have Roots? by Natural Edge Coaching: Great tips from an experienced life coach.

Time is a Choice by Andrew Hong: Try this simple, mental strategy this new year to understand what you really need to do.

I am the New Year by Reflections from the Heart: A wonderful poem.

Lastly, here is my own take from an earlier post on how to make 2017 an awesome year:

Resolve for a Successful New Year

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