Timeless Health Tips

There are many fads out there that keep coming and going; tips about every little thing that we can do and how it affects our health. On top of that, the information keeps changing. It can get really confusing and overwhelming sometimes to ensure that we make the right decisions in taking good care of ourselves.

I put together a list of health tips that are timeless, valuable, and versatile. I hope these ideas can help you, as they have helped me, to set some healthy resolutions for a better lifestyle: 

  1. Listen to your body. Pay attention to how you feel and react so you can understand your own personal health. We all have unique needs to maintain a balance mentally and physically. If you sense something is off but cannot put your finger on it, keep a food and habit journal or try a naturopathic doctor. Both practices have really helped me to figure out the root cause and fix issues more effectively.
  2. Drink water. Your body is more than 50% water. Sufficient replenishment of the fluid is critical for health. There are many bodily functions that are dependent on water: saliva production, circulation, digestion, waste transportation, and the list goes on. Be mindful and heed when your body is thirsty, and explore different sources of hydration that you can enjoy. Often even when you feel hungry, it can just mean you are thirsty. On the other hand, you can have too much of a good thing: do not overdo it and avoid drinking anything during and within 20 minutes of meals.
  3. Mornings have the best potential. Set yourself up for success and stamina everyday right from the start. Feed yourself well for good energy all day. Plan out your day and do the most challenging and exerting tasks earlier, even add in some exercise.
  4. Get good and sufficient sleep. Good rest is vital for health and amazing mornings. It enables us to function and look presentable and alert all day. Do not compromise on this but, once in a while, fun late nights are okay. When I used to push myself to do homework late into the night, I slept badly and it affected my days a lot. Once I was no longer a student, that late night lifestyle just did not make sense anymore.
  5. Don’t just exercise; pursue active living. Targeted exercise is important for health and stamina. But do not stop there. Outside of exercise time, make sure you are taking breaks at regular intervals to stretch and move away from a desk job or loosen up during a physically strenuous task. In your free time, find activities that are relaxing, productive and get in some good movement e.g. cleaning, cooking and other DIY projects. It is tempting to be a couch potato or glued to a phone but too much time of that has no benefit.
  6. Be aware of work or habits that can be detrimental to long-term muscle care. Our muscles enable us to do so much and all that activity has an impact on them. With longevity, little things like lifting heavy loads with your back and bad posture can negatively impact strength and comfort. Some yoga or weights can help to keep you strong and ergonomic changes are also important for limiting damage and pain. I also enjoy a good massage. If you are trying to improve physical health and stamina, muscle care is a critical part of it that enables you to live better.
  7. Don’t stress, be happy. Do not ignore mental health. Work on it as consciously and diligently as you would for physical health. Stress and resulting depression is one of the biggest issues of our age. If there is a problem, brainstorm and work hard for a solution. Feeling stress and worry does not help. It deters me from thinking clearly and having faith in myself, which disarms my ability to tackle the issue effectively. See the Canadian Mental Health Association’s top tips for mental health.
  8. Build time for mental stimulation in your day. For maintaining happiness, good mood, and mental agility, you need activities that push your mind. Statistics show the results work and they have worked for me. TV cannot help with this. Read a book or write a blog/journal. Find the right kind of games to play and, even better, play them in person within a group, not just on a phone. Find opportunities within your jobs to do more interesting tasks. Even taking time to reflect on life, settings goals and working towards them strategically can be good brain activity.
  9. Let yourself laugh and cry. Feel and indulge these emotions from impactful moments of life or a good story. Laughing does not mean I am not taking life seriously and crying does not mean that I am weak. These feelings make us better human beings and prevents us from keeping it bottled up inside. Let it out and let it go.
  10. Find a balance between hygiene and the “bus pants” syndrome. The balance comes with building knowledge and figuring out how to fight the factors that can cause us the most harm. Prevention is best.
  11. When in doubt, see a doctor, especially for kids. Better safe than sorry. They are a wealth of knowledge and I want to use that service for my benefit. From the inside, the medical profession is looking to evolve care into a routine where patients understand what is happening to them as well as the treatment necessary and its proper implementation. As a member of society, I really like this idea. I am worried about my health and, if given the opportunity to understand what ails me and making decisions for it, I want to be able to take part in that.
  12. Get your nutrients from real food, not pills or powders as much as possible. My foremost argument for this is that food is yummy! Do not miss out on that. And, it can be sufficiently nutritious at the same time. I grew up on home cooking and no extra pills or mixes; with every routine blood test, I passed with flying colours on all vitamins, minerals etc. needed. Unless there is a special health concern that cannot be resolved, natural is best.
  13. Fight addiction: smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Life is meant to be lived and felt. It is too precious to be drank away or sent up in smoke. It increases risk of disease and takes a toll on life. I do not want these tribulations for myself and the people I care about.
  14. Keep learning more about your mind and body to make educated decisions for healthy living on a daily basis. There is a tonne of information right at our fingertips about healthier living. You can use this knowledge to make better decisions for healthy habits, solve minor problems, and better understand and implement doctor’s advice. Health is such an important part of life that I strongly recommend taking an active part in keeping it at its best. Take research and articles with a grain of salt and check multiple sources. Also, remember that you are unique so what works for everyone else may not be true for you but if you do not try to learn, you will never find a more optimal lifestyle.

A key part of my focus on this blog is to live healthy and happy. The journey to learn and maintain a nice balance is continuous. And it is very important to me.

~ Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. ~


8 thoughts on “Timeless Health Tips

  1. These are great tips and I do believe in checking in on all areas of your life to ensure that you aren’t overdoing it in one area. I wrote about health and fitness, sort of along the lines of this post today. Feel free to check it out. Glad I just discovered your blog and am now following. ❤️

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