Life is too fast-paced and busy these days to be wound up and unable to act on it. We have to be ready to jump for opportunities and keep up with a fairly demanding lifestyle. Hence, the most important part of this routine is the down time we get to relax. Even if we cannot afford to set aside a significant amount of time for this, here are 3 little ways in which I can feel more relaxed mentally and physically: 

This has to be #1. Showers are warm, comforting and so wonderfully relaxing. I do indulge myself with a few extra minutes. After a full day of work, this is the first thing I do when I get home. Feeling fresh and clean in a new, comfy outfit, I am refreshed to really relax or tackle the other demands of my day. I also work in a big city and live in the suburbs so I just feel the icky urban atmosphere around me that is hardly refreshing. Yes, that is in my head but the mindset I have after a shower is worth indulging. It gets me ready for the next phase of my day.


Laughter is the best medicine. Comedy and sarcasm have really helped through a lot of frustration. I let it out, laugh it off, and get back to productivity. It is an effective tool against circumstances and people that I just cannot have any power in dealing with. Lately, on particularly tired nights or weekends, I have been enjoying the reruns of Friends. I have seen it all before but I had forgotten how funny the show was. And I am different now too. I have loosened up and encourage hearty laughter in reaction rather than a little smile to feel all the benefits. The stresses and tension just melt away.


There are those days when I am tired enough to be that extremely exhausted person you may see sleeping and drooling on the train. Unplanned power nap! Even otherwise, I do try to make good use of the time. My unavoidable (not possible to walk instead) train ride is 25-30 minutes which is a perfect chunk of time to get some things done. I try to make the most of it and that actually comes pretty easy. I catch up on a lot of email responses, review my to do list, catch up with the occasional train companion, complete the next blog post, read a book, or tie up some lose ends for work. On any given train ride, I can do 1 or 2 of these. Yes, this is not exactly relaxation time. Sometimes it is. I can also close my eyes and daydream. But the little tasks I can complete really create a better situation. The commute is a lull between one part of the day and another, insulated from all issues to give me a nice little chunk of time for catching up on life.

Do you follow these techniques? How do you relax? What are your must-do techniques or new ones that you would like to turn into habits? Try this wonderful infographic to get new ideas from 50 Ways to Relax Without Spending Money.



5 thoughts on “How I Relax: 3 Easy, Fun Ways

  1. Relaxation and “down time” is NOT a luxury; it’s an essential need of the body and the mind. People frequently view it as a luxury and therefore, do not create the time for it. Your ideas are wonderful. Personally, I use exercise as my “down time.” It gives me a place to channel stress in a constructive manner. It increases my energy and my clarity of focus. As you say, each person must find their own method for relaxation and down time. It can dramatically improve the quality of life.


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