30 Days to Abs

Eating junk and sitting at a desk has left me with less than 6 abs. Sitting all the time leaves me sluggish, I lack core strength, and clothing is snug and less comfortable. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the link between waist size and health is strong. For my height, my waist measurement is in the mid health range and headed towards the risky range, and I would like to stop and fix it before it gets there. 

Hence, I have really been in need of an ab exercise challenge. And, I finally found a good and doable one by Livestrong that I am ready to test out. There are several ideas about this routine that appealed to me:

  • It starts out easier and escalates so it looks more approachable as long as I focus on following one day at a time.
  • I get some rest days to look forward to. This, along with the hope of noticeable results in 30 days, will give me more motivation to not miss the designated days.
  • There is no special equipment needed to complete the exercise other than access to the videos.
  • Resources show how to perform all the recommended exercises so I am not wasting time and energy on doing it the wrong way.

For complete details or to try the challenge, click here.

I just completed the exercises listed for Day 1. It was incredibly difficult. This makes me realize just how unfit I am and, specifically, how much more unfit I have become since last year when I used to enjoy doing the bicycle crunches and did almost 50. Now, I barely made it to 20. I am disappointed in myself and sad that I have failed to take care of myself.

But, it is never too late. Now, that I have decided that those lazy unfit days are done, I hope I can maintain this effort to complete the 30-day challenge and report some results to you. I like to believe that the past is not indicative of the future because the present stands between them. Wish me luck!


Author: Matters of Living

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