Power Posts: NaBloPoMo Finds

Blogging month is off to a great start. Today, I decided to feature quick and thoughtful reads from seven blogs I recently discovered with short excerpts of the featured posts. Check out the awesome writing and browse the sites to learn more about these awesome bloggers!

Small by Tara Borin – “I can raise my children to be aware … to ask uncomfortable questions, to call out wrongs when they see them, to be compassionate and generous and thoughtful human beings.”

A Blank Letter by Letters to Life – “He only wished to make me believe that he still remembers me. He also has that vacant place in his heart, which I have.”

Thankfulness & NaBloPoMo by Lioness Emerging – “…life is a precious gift we are given and we never know when our last day on Earth is, that we need to embrace our lives. Stop focusing on the bad and the negative.”

My Anxious Heart by The Wife of a Lumberjack – “I wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed due to my anxious heart.  I question the amount of times I’ve turned down invitations, or ignored the small tugs on my heart telling me to try something new.”

Time by Just a Little Blog –  “There likely isn’t a single species aside from people that particularly gives a squash about the impending future.”

Life is a… by Jacky n’ Heidi – “…beautiful struggle.”


Finding good in the bad by The Midnight Station –

I encourage you to leave comments for these bloggers and in the section below on this selection. Check out my other Power Posts for more recommended blog reads. If you wrote or read a post recently that resonates with these ideas, please share in the comments below so we don’t miss out!



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