Power Posts: Being Better for Me

Blogging is all about the community. I have learned the fun and value in actively participating in that community. So, Power Posts have become one of my favourite post series to highlight some of the amazing work that I have read recently from fellow bloggers.

Today, I feature posts that resonated with me by bringing powerful, unique messages that provide motivation for a better life, no matter what your goal is. We can achieve that life by focusing on ourselves and giving that time and importance.

Get motivated by Fab Writings – Perfect dose of motivation to get geared up for NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. Write for yourself freely and tell your story. I am going to try for a post a day on the occasion of the upcoming month.

Detach by Bai Mei Lian – Struggling to focus on who you want to be? Then I recommend this post for a unique mindset that may not be easy but it could be just what you need to get you moving.

Change with Quotes by ThoughtsnLifeblog – A beautiful collection of quotes presented in pretty graphics. Find your inspiration here and this is a regular feature on the blog so I recommend that you explore a bit for more golden tidbits of wisdom.

Family Bonds: Eating Together by Eli8ir – Our family relationships can play a big part in who we are and our lifestyle. Keep in touch with those roots. Give them time and see how much they can give you in return.

A Note to the Procrastinator in You and Me by the chaotic mind – I am still fighting procrastination everyday. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Here is one blogger’s personal perspective on it and how to get through it.

Why I Talk to Myself! by JusTalk – I do talk to myself! And it is a good idea. Find out why in this post. If you are doing it without realizing, then notice it and turn it into what you really need to hear.

Don’t Let Your Mind Get in the Way… by Empower Excellence with Jan – Not feeling happy? Then, this may be the talk you should have with yourself.

Imagine the Best Version of You by joypassiondesire – This post featured the quote and cute graphic shown below. I have followed this blog for a while and recommend you check out this blogger’s perspective on “how to feel good and get everything you desire”.

Check out my other Power Posts for more recommended blog reads. If you did a post related to this topic, please share in the comments below so we don’t miss out!

Image: http://blogs.geelongcollege.vic.edu.au/researchproject/2015/05/25/blogging-discussion-with-students/


13 thoughts on “Power Posts: Being Better for Me

  1. First of all, thank you SO much!!
    I am really glad that you liked and recommended my post…
    Second of all, this power post idea is amazing! I mean now I am going to check out all the blogs you’ve mentioned here… Because the topic they wrote upon is really wonderful!
    Thanks again for this post…


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