Watch This. Ripple of Kindness

What a sweet video! Such a simple act can create so much happiness for another person. In the hustle and bustle of corporate downtown, sometimes I just watch people going about their busy lives and I wonder how many chances of spreading kindness and happiness are ignored. On the contrary, people are so preoccupied that they object (some quite rudely) to wasting two seconds or two dollars on someone else. Robots that are too focused on wanting to finish their work, not miss their train, or plan their next vacation. But there are some people that shine in this busy crowd. So, I want to send out sincere appreciation and respect for them. I see them more than willing to offer directions and return lost items to other people (including me on several occasions).

Take some time out every day to do something nice for others, people in your lives or strangers. It feels great. You will be proud of yourself, feel empowered, and realize new abilities. It will add strength and positivity to your relationships. You can have more hope that when you need it one day, the universe will return that kindness back to you.

Look at the environment around you. Do you see a concept like Pay It Forward or a commitment to sharing kindness thriving among your communities? Is there any personal experience that shines in your memory for giving or receiving kindness? Please share! The internet can be full of bad news so I always love to hear these positive stories.



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