Power Posts: The Identity of Hatred

The instance and damage of hatred is growing in our world, but so are the voices against it. Today, I wanted to feature some of these voices that really resonated with me and share a positive message. I entreat you to approach all people you encounter with understanding and kindness. We can meet everyone with an open mind and see a bit of ourselves in them. We can accept and offer help, and collaborate to be better human beings and together make a better world.

These fellow bloggers exhibited some great writing and thought on these issues. I have included some excerpts but I recommend that you check out the links for the full posts.

  • Of Internet Anonymity and Trolls by The Contemplative Writer: “…in the absence of social restrictions and inhibitions that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction, some people will slightly ignore or even outright abandon their usual norms of common human decency.”
  • Hate is Easy by sfnowak: “Pigeonholing is a great foundation for hate and fear; if you never see anyone as an individual, but always as a member of some cliché, then it’s easy to react…Let us all commit to seeing every other human as an individual, every day. Let us try to accept that individual as they are; if we cannot we will not ascribe their attributes to others who share some random similarity.”
  • Racism and Political Correctness by fedupcountrywoman: There is a huge racism problem but political correctness does’t fix racism. Fixing racism is a huge task for an entire country, no, worse, an entire world! However, just because there is an expectation or law for people to speak in a politically correct manner, it doesn’t mean people don’t have racist thoughts at heart and in head.”
  • Violence isn’t the Answer, What is the Solution? by The Richness of a Simple Life: It would be harder to treat someone badly if we identified with them and considered them one of our own. These problems stem from a place that lacks love, acceptance, understanding, empathy and kindness.”


If you also wrote or read an awesome, insightful post on this topic, please share below. Click here to read from my collection of inspirational Quotes and more Power Posts reading recommendations.

Image: https://therichnessofasimplelife.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/kindness-challenge-before-post/


5 thoughts on “Power Posts: The Identity of Hatred

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post and for providing credit for the image. I look forward to reading the other links that you shared. Thanks for taking the time to put together so many voices speaking out on this issue. Have a wonderful day ❤

    Sharing on social media now 🙂

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