This community is amazing! I have been spending more and more time lately on reading posts and discovering some awesome bloggers. This is not just about me writing whatever I want. I am gaining a growing appreciation for the fact that I have joined a community where ideas are exchanged and enhanced with great capability and support. So, I decided to share some of my fellow bloggers’ work by doing a post on some impactful reads from my week. They were a joy to read and some incredible food for thought. 

This week, the posts that left the best impression on my mind and got me motivated all appealed to the child in me that refuses to grow up. They reminded me of some simple and effective lessons best learned and taught by the youngest among us.

1. What Can Adults Learn from Children? by Michael J. Fite: The right answer is a lot! They are energetic, fearless, resilient, and incredible learners, which I find so refreshing. Check out this post for the spirited perspective of a parent as he rediscovers all that we can learn from children as they explore the world and make it a happier place.

2. Life Lessons from Bear Country by Three Show Saturday: Childrens’ books are definitely not just for children or the parents reading to their kids. They deliver some valuable messages that we can all revisit and remind ourselves to live by. A sweet post reviewing a Berenstain Bears story collection. Do you remember who they were?

3. 6 Lessons from The Little Prince by The 416 Investor: I have always heard that The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is an amazing book and, after reading this post, it has moved to the top of my reading list. The blogger shares ideas on how the Prince explores the world and what we can learn from him and the people he meets along his journey. The post goes on to show how we can apply the key lessons from the book to our own journey.

4. The Turtle and the Rabbit by Howinspiratick: The old tale redone with some great lessons and the ending got better and better. Let’s work together to create the best win-win situations! I think the ideas of this post would make a great point of interest for a leadership or collaboration workshop.


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